While our story may include infertility, our incredible desire to adopt a child stems entirely on our love for children. We would be honored if you generously gave us the chance to become parents together. We are committed to providing a loving and supportive home for your child to thrive. Adoption is something we have discussed for years as a means to grow our family and we’re so excited to be on this journey.

We take the responsibility of adoption seriously and have done a ton of research to educate ourselves on the process, and more importantly, how to parent an adopted child. That education has forced us to have some difficult conversations, come together as a couple, and define with clarity the context we hold around adoption.

Additionally, we both have several family members and friends that were either adopted or have adopted children recently. The perspective, insight, guidance and emotional support that they have provided during this process has been extraordinary and has helped prepare us for what’s to come. Through their love and the support from family, friends and most importantly, our sons, we’re hopeful we can be Mommy and Daddy for a very special little baby.

Our family is warm, supportive and always there when needed – no questions asked. We’ve been

through enough to know that life is fragile and all we have is each other. We have a big support network on both sides, and having all of them within a short walk or drive, are lucky to spend time with each of them often.

It sometimes feels like an episode of ”Everybody Loves Raymond” but we love having Todd’s family live so close. Uncle Keith & Aunt Karen, along with cousins Chelsea & Chloe live two doors down and are the best built-in playdates and babysitters in the world. Grandma Tina and Grandpa Phil live only two blocks away and love adventures with the kids.

With less than an hour’s drive, we see Grandma Elaine and Grandpa David almost as much. We also have tons of fun with Sandy’s cousins Samantha & Adam - their three children Brendan, Ella and Lexi - and Beth & Gavin - and their infant son Elliot.

Whether it’s apple picking in fall, hiking in spring, shopping in winter or swimming in summer, we have built in plans all year. We also take this fan base on the road by aVending kid’s concerts, recitals & sports events...signs and air horns are always a must! We genuinely love one another and everyone is incredibly excited for the chance to grow!

email@SandyAndToddHopeToAdopt.com       Expenses Paid

vacations away.

Traveling is one of our greatest passions and we try to get away twice a year. We’ve been to Hawaii, London, Paris, Italy, Mexico, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando and some of the Caribbean islands on a cruise. Disney and Universal Studios are regular stops with the kids, but when we bring them, our destination is ALWAYS a surprise until we get to the airport! We love experiencing different cultures and food from around the globe and we’re currently debating between Greece and Amsterdam as our next trip.

We believe in a healthy mix of structured and unstructured play, allowing for planned activities and more creative free play time. We support the passions of each child fully and explore areas in which they excel, be it in school, music, art, sports or hobbies. We’re very even tempered and would never raise our voices or hands to any child. We don’t use the phrase “because I said so” and take the time to explain why making certain decisions are better than others. Parenting is an incredible joy to both of us and there is no greater reward than a hug.

Todd runs in a few circles, but one thing’s for sure – he’s always the jokester, no matter who he’s with. His favorite places to hang are comedy clubs, rock concerts, sporting events and on a boat fishing. He has a few amazing friends he considers brothers and they’ve become family.

Todd truly is the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be prouder to call him my husband. He has an uncanny ability to make people laugh, even in the hardest of times, and it’s his sense of humor and warm smile that make him an instant friend to anyone he comes in contact with. I’ve never met anyone that can shake your hand hello and hug you goodbye a?er just one conversation. He is the most generous, thoughtful, caring and supportive person I’ve ever known.

He also happens to be a ton of fun. Todd is creative and always plans unique adventures. He loves Game Of Thrones, comedy and funny movies and his belly laugh is contagious. His passions vary from music to sports, and that allows him to debate almost anyone on why the Beatles are s=ll amazing and the Yankees aren’t. He loves chocolate peanut putter shakes, chicken pot pie and of course warm blueberry pie.

Todd is definitely a man’s man, but his willingness to show his so? side is what makes him a real man in my eyes. He shows up for his family and community like no one else. He is on the board of Make-A-Wish, creates fundraiser rock concerts for friends with ALS, teaches an a?er school program for underprivileged NYC high school children and has volunteered his =me to help rebuild houses a?er hurricane Sandy. He has risen to the top of the advertising industry as a respected business leader, and through it all, always remembers to come home for dinner together and help do the laundry. Todd is a wonderful man and I know he’ll be a great father because he’s already amazing at it with two sons from a previous marriage.

More than anything else, we find parenting fun, incredibly rewarding and the most important thing we’ll ever do. While it isn’t always easy, we manage to put things in perspective and find the silver lining in every situation. We were both lucky to have incredible parents and the lessons we learned from them, have a huge impact on who we are today. Thinking positive, staying humble, being respeckul, supporting one another, providing service to others and reaching for the stars are the biggest principles we try to focus on as parents. We’ve learned that parenTng isn’t just telling, but showing children how – and we practice what we preach. We strive to be role models for all children.

Sandy is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and I still don’t understand how I won the jackpot by being able to call her my wife. She’s kind, caring, sweet, creative and fun, but above all else, Sandy’s heart is what makes her extraordinary. Whether it’s caring for me, our family, friends, or even our dogs Daisy and Lilly, Sandy never hesitates and goes out of her way to help others with that amazing smile of hers.

Sandy’s creativity and passions are always on display in our house. She’s an incredible cook, expressing her emo5ons through meals she creates. She has the largest collection of cookbooks I’ve ever seen and keeps us active and healthy with a kitchen that oDen reminds me of a produce store. Sandy is also a fantastic photographer, having a keen ability to capture moments and moods you might not expect. She keeps music playing in the house – usually classic rock or hip- hop - and is always thinking of projects, games and adventures we can experience together. What really makes Sandy so much fun is that she never says no to adventure! Whether it’s ATV riding through the jungle, playing with baby 5gers, taking a helicopter ride, going on a ghost tour or any other weird of whacky idea I have, she’s always game and we always have fun together.

Sandy’s maternal instinct is stronger than any woman I’ve ever met and I know she’ll be an amazing mother to a child, because she’s been an incredible “Sprinkle Mom” to my sons from a previous marriage (the boys think “stepmom” sounds like she should be mean, and since everyone loves sprinkles, they changed it).

Since 2015, we’ve called northern NJ home. Our house is a traditional colonial home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and sits on almost an acre of land. Our town is named annually as one of the best cities to live in the U.S. and has one of the lowest crime rates in NJ. We have fire and police within 3 miles of the house and live only 19 miles from Manhattan.

Our home is situated in a quiet suburb within walking distance to top rated schools, beauTful parks, a quaint town center and a short drive to all that NYC has to offer. The perfectly safe place to take long strolls in the summer, with enough snow in the winter for tubing and skiing, it’s a four-season locaTon that provides beauty year-round. You can’t drive down our street without a wave from the neighbors and everyone looks forward to Halloween, house decoraTng during the holidays and the big 4th of July celebraTon each summer. We’ve called Northern NJ home for the last 4 years, but you could say Todd’s been calling it home for a lot longer! Todd grew up on our street, just two doors down, where his brother, sister-in-law and two nieces currently live!

close to home.

While we’re certainly capable of hanging on the couch and watching Netflix, we like to make the most of our weekends – especially when we have the boys. We’ll o]en get up early, have breakfast and head to the gym. If there are no kid’s concerts, sporting events or school projects, we go on adventures to the beach, sporting events, charity events, museums, concerts, hikes and amusement parks. There’s plenty to do both indoors and out in our area and we like to try it all. We live for weekends!

Because of her sincere warmth and contagious energy, Sandy has a ton of friends always looking to make plans. They know Sandy’s passions for music, art, fashion and food often take them to Manhattan for the best brunches, newest gallery exhibits, shopping and the best concerts.

tough todd.

Yet another victim to childhood bowl cuts, Todd was one of four brothers who played just about every sport known to man – and has the scars and 22 broken bones to show for it. Todd switched schools quite a bit, and that created the extrovert he is today. He acted in school plays, and as funny as it sounds, once won an award for best hair!

Believe it or not, we got engaged on a TV show with 18 million watching! It was a wonderful surprise and Sandy said YES. The wedding was just as magical, and we both said I DO!

Our marriage is fantastic and we grow closer each day. We’ve dealt with a lot in our time together, including infertility, but we always say: “no matter what life throws our way, WE will get through it TOGETHER”. We’re deeply in love and enjoy every moment together.

Sons from Todd’s first marriage, Gabe & Nate are with us part Tme. Since the wedding, the boys have wanted nothing more than to be big brothers to a baby. They’re kind, intelligent, active, inquisitive, funny and always supportive of one another.

what they’d like to teach a brother or sister:

Gabe: how to read, play basketball, play guitar, use a computer, to be kind to others and how to get a special dessert from Mom when it isn’t your birthday.

Nate: silly songs, how to play video games, the best places to hide, lots of jokes and how to beat Daddy at everything.

Like many couples these days, we met online. And although it‘s considered weird in today’s dating scene because of text and social media, we actually talked on the phone before our first date. What surprised us both in that conversation was just how quickly and deeply we connected. The call, which lasted a few hours, revealed that we had both suffered similar and tragic losses of our brothers. The truth is, we knew we had something special from that conversation and we were right. Our love is much deeper than most, but don’t be fooled, we also had a ton of fun dating. We went to restaurants, comedy shows, concerts, museums, sporting events and plenty of movies together.

thanks again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our story and for getting to know us better. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about you and your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your child, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re grateful for your bravery, compassion and consideration and hope to hear from you soon. No matter what decision you make, we wish you peace, joy and happiness.

With all our love,

todd & sandy

e-mail: email@SandyAndToddHopeToAdopt.com

toll-free (800) 563-7964

If you have any additional questions about us or the legal process of adoption, please feel free to contact our incredibly friendly adoption attorney Suzanne Nichols at (800) 255-1415.

Fashion Photographer & Advertising Executive Yearn To Be Stay-Home-Mom & Doting Dad

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us. Although we haven’t met, we have an incredible amount of compassion and respect for you as you face this difficult decision. Simply put, the selfless act of choosing an adoption plan for your child so they can have every opportunity to thrive in life is admirable and brave. We’d like you to know that if you choose us to parent your child, you can feel confident that they will always be loved and cared for by a family that cherishes each moment together. Their education and passions will be supported and they’ll always have a safe place to call home. “Thank you” doesn’t even scratch the surface of our gratitude, and we promise to remind your child of your courage by lettng them know about the incredible people who considered the needs of a very special child above their own.

With love, Todd & Sandy

say cheese.

Sandy is a trained fashion & food photographer that has worked with Vogue, parTcipated in NYC’s Fashion Week and specializes in portraits. She splits her time between on location shoots and studio work and has a flexible schedule that allows her to be home as much as possible. Exceling in a male dominated industry isn’t easy, but she has found her way by bonding with her subjects, pushing boundaries by exhibiting unique perspective and by continually producing jaw-dropping photography.

being an ad man.

Todd works in Manhattan and has been in the advertising industry for almost 20 years. He’s currently an executive at his company with management responsibiliTes for a team of 43 people. While it’s a challenging role, it’s incredibly rewarding to get to know each and every person on a personal level and work with some of the biggest brands on the planet. Todd is passionate about what he does, gets to bring his creativity to work every day, and is a well respected leader that inspires his team.

sunny sandy.

Sandy was a cute & dimpled little girl whose mom insisted on a bowl haircut for most of her childhood. Sandy’s parents divorced at a young age and she moved around quite a bit. That didn’t stop her from having a happy childhood, surrounded by her cousins and step brother. She was in marching band, played soft​ball & soccer, was a brownie and volunteered at a hospital.

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Holidays are a serious family affair that often take months of planning. Our house is holiday headquarters and we always believe “the more – the merrier”, inviting family, friends and neighbors to partake in the feasts and fun we put together. If we’re not hosAng 25+ people, we’re not happy. Our holidays are filled with love, laughter, desserts and tons of leftovers!

Sandy loves decorating for each holiday, has a full music playlist depending on the season, and even has the scents to match

the holiday (pumpkin spice during Halloween, warm cinnamon & apples around Thanksgiving and evergreen and mint during Christmas). Sandy always puts together a menu resembling a cruise ship buffet and each guest brings their own signature dish. The food prep starts days before big events and on the morning of a holiday, the house is buzzing with blenders. The smells build an anticipation that makes Todd the perfect “tester”, and if the food isn’t enough, every holiday includes crafts and games to make it fun and memorable for all the kids.

We always look forward to heading into NYC before Thanksgiving to watch the balloons get blown up and playing football in the yard. We love trick-or-treaAng, watching fireworks on New Year’s and on July 4th and of course picking out and decorating a tree! While Sandy tackles major holidays, Todd owns Halloween, July 4th and of course Super Bowl! Our house is ALWAYS decorated and we’ve won costume contests several years running.

The holidays are always the time we feel most grateful for all we have and we make sure to give back to those in need. We volunteer in a NJ soup kitchen, collect food, and cook and serve holiday dinners for folks in a NYC homeless shelter.